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  • Liz Haywood

Home compostable packaging for snacks – a move to signal a change

With growing publicity on the world’s plastic packaging usage and its detrimental effects on our environment, could home compostable packaging for snacks be the change we need?

In 2016, the global healthy snack market size was valued at an estimated USD 21.1 billion, with an expectation of a 5.1% growth every year. Couple this with high consumer demand for single serve snacks – that’s tonnes of plastic if traditional plastic snack packaging continue to be used.

Where did snack packs come from?

As we lead faster and busier lives and the availability of convenient snacking choices, consumers are turning to food companies to provide snacks to bolster their healthy eating habits. At the same time, supermarkets and grocers are increasing their ranges (and shelf space) to accommodate healthier and better tasting snacking products.

Millennials love to snack

Millennials play a large part in the demand for snack foods. They no longer rely on the three meals a day model, instead opting to snack up to four times a day.

Millennials are looking for healthy snacking choices.  Not just healthy for their body but a good choice for the environment from socially responsible companies. They are looking to snack food manufacturers and their packaging to help them make wise purchases.

New demand for sustainable packaging

These factors have led to a new demand for sustainable packaging – from consumers who are conscious of the environmental impact plastic packaging is having on our environment and from food manufacturers.  Snack food producers are looking at environmentally friendly packaging as they seek a move to ethical and sustainable business practises to meet their consumer demands.

In this Channel 9 News interview, Ellen Burns from We Bar None explains the snacking industry and the reasons for introducing home compostable packaging.  Ms Burns is the first Victorian business owner to use Compost Me Australia's ABA certified home compostable packaging for her snack bar range.

While the growing snack food industry, it is hoped the move to home compostable packaging for snacks will signal a change.

Want to know more about our home compostable packaging for snacks.   Contact us now or check out our compostable range of packaging options.

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