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Waste reduction is our goal and we hope to see more and more businesses - small and large – joining the home compostable revolution. Our award winning products are designed to replace multi-layer barrier laminates that can’t be or aren’t being recycled.
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What We Do

Offering layered film packaging such as multi-laminated films, rewind films, lidding films - all derived from naturally sustained sources



Compostable Premade Pouches

Offering home compostable premade pouches, allowing your product to be packaged in an organically recyclable and home compostable alternative.


Outside of the box packaging

Compost Me packaging materials is derived from a range of natural products such as paper, eucalyptus fibre, cassava and corn starch. 

Paper sourced from FSC, PEFC accredited pulp, for every tree felled at least one more tree is grown.

Our film which is cellulose, made from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees from managed plantations.

Our bio-polymer is derived from natural resources such as sugarcane, cassava and corn from non-GMO crops.

Compostable Multi-Laminated Films


Why build your packaging with us?

Every component of our packaging is carefully and independently tested for complete accreditation on both individual components as well as the whole pack. From the ink that identifies your packaging, to the multi-layered barrier film that protections your product, to even the adhesive that seals your packaging, our home compostable packaging is fully accredited, meaning what your buying is truly home compostable, not just parts of your packaging. This is verified with the Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA) meeting the AS 5810-2010 standards for home compostable packaging.

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Always be on the look out for this home compostable label to better our environment    "

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VIP Pet foods have utilised our laser scribing technology on their ‘Chunkers’ range of dog food.  This allows an easy open/tear option on their bags.  The Laser cuts through one of the laminates of the film without affecting the barrier properties of packaging, effectively doing away with the need for scissors to cut through the pack.

We Bar None

We Bar None is determined to go plastic free!  They are the first Victorian company to move to home compostable certified duplex crafted paper home compostable film.  We Bar None produce a range of wholefood energy bars that are gluten free and vegan, with low FODMAP and low carb options.


Mmmore call themselves ‘makers’ and ‘creators’, rather than bakers.  They produce non baked, raw sweet treats, without using gluten, dairy, refined sugar or artificial flavours. They are passionate about using natural products from pure ingredients to their home compostable certified duplex film packaging.


The team from SIPP have produced a great range of Organic, Pro-Biotic instant beverages.  With strong ethical standards they have chosen to use Certified Home Compostable Bags for their Packaging.

Our team are here to help you find the most sustainable and affordable packaging solution for your needs.
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