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  • Zsusie

Become aware, become in the know

In today's market there is an endless list of possibilities and companies offering so many different and confusing packaging solutions for your product, but stripping it all down, your package is unlikely to be safe for our environment. Your food product needs to be safe, secure and offer a longer shelf life to hit the supermarkets and by 2025 your product needs to be reusable, recyclable and compostable.

What CompostMe has achieved is a certified home compostable barrier film, this packaging allows it to go into home compostable gardens or even landfills and the ocean and completely breaks down and disappears, without any toxins, and yes this film is 100% Australian certified under the ABA and has gone under strenuous testing to ensure the safety of our environment and that we are truly giving back to our earth.

Let's talk home compostable and breakdown the miscommunication and mismarketing of what is safe and really recyclable for our environment.


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