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Denttabs - a sustainable toothpaste replacement in tablet form!

Denttabs are a toothpaste replacement, in tablet form. You can use every single tablet in the bottle and get a perfectly engineered amount of polishing agent, cleaning, and cavity/decay protection in each tablet. Every time. Exactly the same.

The best way to care for teeth is by polishing them- so 80% of the product is aimed at creating smooth, polished teeth and gums with the lowest abrasion rating in its category- protecting the enamel as well as minor surface imperfections. Less abrasion and surface damage means germs cannot find a safe place to create decay.

Polished remineralisation and fresh breathe in one tablet.

What made you change over to compostable material for your product?

Previously we used cardboard. It lacked an airtight component we needed to ensure the product on shelf has a maximum life span.

What made Compost Me’s product the right film for your company?

We found that Compost Me had the best barrier protection, airtight, with the right philosophy- home compostable without greenwashing us. The product is so durable, so easy to run thru our vertical form fill machine, and sustainable that we have better packaging than our German manufacturers. We can make advertising commitments they cannot- and that's almost never the case against the high EU standards. There was also a great price point- comparable to other plastic-based products and cheaper than some other 'eco' greenwashed products making false claims about their certifications.

With their extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff, Compost Me made the process easier by making sure you know exactly what each step of the process is, talk you through the certifications, product specs, and just generally make a stressful packaging process really great.

Have you noticed any difference between packaging with compostable films over plastic films?

We have had some stores calling in asking to please go back to our boxes, be eco-safe, etc, because these bags looked TOO good to be home compostable paper. re too good of a mimic in some respects. But once we started our education process with our vendors and an ad campaign directed at public education, everyone is thrilled. We are about to run a big spring promo and get people to show us planting seedlings in their bags to win a seedling and denttab supply. Brilliant product.

Learn more about Denttabs - better for your teeth and better for our environment!


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