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Eat for You - dedicated to a healthier today

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

An advocator for a better way of life. A sustainable healthier today, tomorrow, and future, Eat for You with Dr Hayley Dickinson and her strong team dedicate themselves to producing, sourcing and providing organic bars that is even packaged organically.

Eat for You is a little company with a BIG heart. Born from a desire to do good, be good and make good food accessible to everyone, the brand genuinely exists to help us be more healthy than we were yesterday.

Founded by research scientist Dr Hayley Dickinson, PhD, Eat for You produces food that fosters health and well-being.

The Eat for You bars are wrapped in the triplex certified home compostable film, which are made from certified organic raw ingredients and cover most food preferences - Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Vegan and Halal. Eat for You products are free from additives, protein powders, added sweeteners and fillers. But it doesn't stop there, Eat for You really care about the food they create and the people they help, and so they also give 50% of their profits back to the community through food donations, partnering with charities to feed school children, new Mums, those experiencing homelessness and our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

What made you change over to compostable material for your product?

We started our business using certified home compostable packaging. One of the things that I was committed to when starting Eat for You was that we wouldn't solve one problem (snack bars using bad ingredients that leave you wanting more) and create another in the process (packaging that went to landfill). So home compostable was a non-negotiable for us.

I hadn't appreciated how hard that would be for us to achieve, but it really mattered to us, so we did it.

What made Compost Me’s product the right film for your company?

Honestly, meeting Nik Taylor, was a gift from above!! Ha! I mean, the greenwashing in packaging is real, and even as a scientist, there were several times I thought we'd found our packaging solution, but when I did my own deep dive on the claims, I was back to square one, more BS. It really irritated me that I was being so clear with manufacturers about what I wanted, but was still being sold things that weren't it. Crazy town! Anyway, we live and learn! Meeting Nik and talking with him about the products that were available, the certification process, and finally having a packaging solution that would work for our product meant we could actually get started making good food. And here we are!

Have you noticed any difference between packaging with compostable films over plastic film?

Having not used plastic film for our products this question isn't relevant to us. I will say that the triplex certified home compostable film has its challenges for a small business - it is a lot more expensive in $ than other products and the printing is more sensitive to handling because we don't want to seal the ink as this compromises the compostability of the product. But you know, we factor other costs into our business, such as the health of the planet, the legacy we leave for our children and so when you consider all of those 'costs' its a no brainer and worth every $!


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