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Satvik Foods is committed to nourishing the mind, body, soul, and our environment

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Hear directly from one of our amazing customer's Satvik Foods, who put everything into ensuring their products are full of goodness, packaging included.

Satvik Foods is a family-run wholefood business based in the lush rainforest village of Uki, NSW. We create easy make-at-home Dhal, Quinoa & Rice meals with our unique Ayurvedic spice blends.

What made you change over to compostable material for your product?

Being raised in the bio-diverse caldera of Mt Wollumbin, we already had a strong sense of environmentalism, so it was very natural to make the change once the compostable material became readily available.

What made CompostMe’s product the right film for your company?

We did a lot of research and tested lots of packaging from what was available - which was very few 3 years ago. Nik from CompostMe was locally based and very knowledgeable and understood the needs of our business. Plus the peace of mind of being fully certified gave us the confidence that the large expense to our small business was going to have a real impact on our environmental footprint.

Have you noticed any difference between packaging with compostable film over plastic film?

It is a different material, and the environmental benefits outweigh any comparisons that can be made. We hope that the more businesses use, the more the price of Compostable film will be driven down. Satvik means "goodness" and our products are consciously prepared to nourish mind, body and soul, packaging inclusive.


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