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Sustainable Packaging by 2025

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The roadmap to sustainable packaging is already in motion and there is a lot of production companies that have made the switch to sustainable packaging to reduce their footprint on our world and on our environment.

But we still need to be heard. There is a lot of mismarketing and misleading information leading companies to believe they are using a better alternative to plastic packaging.

However this isn't always the case.

So the initiative to become aware, to become sustainable, to break the cycle of "bad" packaging and start giving back to our environment has started.

"While there is growing industry and consumer interest in the utilisation of compostable plastic packaging, there is also considerable confusion and misinformation in the market about materials labelled ‘compostable’, ‘degradable’ or ‘biodegradable’, and the correct disposal methods for these materials. A claim of compostability should only be made if the packaging is certified to one of the relevant Australian Standards and there is a system in place to recover it." So always be on the lookout for this important logo below.

By 2025, the market will be flooded with sustainable packaging which is certified to not have any adverse effects on the local ecology when applied to land, meaning our waste, our packaging that keeps food and supplies in stock for consumer use safe for our environment to absorb, without any toxins.


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